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For Sale - as of 1/11/15

We currently have 8 heading dog pups for sale-

born 11/29/14.  (Please see photos below.)

We have 2 started dogs -12 months old.

Out of Rod Owens' Ink by Loren Holmes' Leo

Call for current info

Please contact us at jwmorrisonnz@hotmail.com for information on current or upcoming litters.  We also occasionally have young dogs we are starting so please get in touch with us if you are looking for a started dog.

Call Jeremy at 541-602-2506

Please see our sale policy at the bottom for more details! 


Bounce and Zuma Pups - 2 male, 7 female


Photo of sire to come.  Tri-Color

Top pictures taken at 4.5 weeks.  2nd at 7 weeks




Dash - female Comet - female Cupid - female


Rudy - female Dancer - female Prancer - female





 Emma - female Fizz -black & white male  Jay-Grey tri male


 Connie/Rocky Pups - SOLD






 Boise - 4 wks, 7 wks and 4 mos.

Very nice pup! Friendly and easy going.  Showing interest in working stock.  Call or email for more details.

Dark female - 4 wks and 7 wks





Brown female - 4 wks SOLD Mr. T. - 4 wks and 7 wks   SOLD

If you want to see what the handy pups look like when older, scroll down to see photos from previous litters.

Luna/Rocky Pups - 2 weeks and 5 wks





Sophie -female SOLD Teddy - male SOLD Nike - male SOLD






Ono - male SOLD Jess - female  SOLD Happy - male  SOLD




Belle -female  SOLD Hope- female   SOLD Quiz - male SOLD

Faye  SOLD


Lovely natured dog.  Really wants to work.        

Click on photos to enlarge.  Call for current pricing. 


Luna/Boy Pups - SOLD


                          male               male               male                 male


male              male              female


  Handy Pups-Sold

Photos taken on May 22, 2010 for the 4 remaining pups.  Others were taken at 12 weeks,  7-8weeks, and at 5weeks

Lass, the larger female


Meg is a well mannered pup!


Chubs is quite a character.

Lass -female Meg  - female   Chubs - male


Tan is a very friendly pup.




Pups playing on the hill

Roly and Tau



Poly at 5 weeks - SOLD

Tan - male  SOLD Roly - male  SOLD  





Rowdy - SOLD Punch - SOLD Tau -male  SOLD

Finished & Started Dogs or Ready to Start

NZ Huntaway - 2 1/2 years old  -SOLD-

New Zealand Stock Dog   

Please Call for information and current pricing.


 SOLD NZ Collie  - born 5/18/08 from Luna and Smoke

This young dog is very friendly, gets along well with other dogs and is working stock. 


Male New Zealand Collie



Male puppy - 7 months


Profile of male Heading Dog puppy
Magic - 7 months Magic taking a break Side view of Magic
Black & White Heading Dog  

Black & White Male Collie Puppy


Magic on the move Magic at 5 weeks Magic at 3 weeks


Sale Policy

      Started/Trained Dogs -  We will provide you with a healthy dog that has been vet checked at the time of sale, and  vaccinated and wormed according to its individual health program.  We will also provide the commands we use for the dog and will demonstrate how the dog works.  When it is not possible to do this in person, we will send a DVD with the dog.  The purchaser will have a 30 day trial period to decide if they would like to keep the dog.  The dog must be kept by the purchaser for the full 30 days and if returned, must pass a vet check and be in the same mental condition as the date of sale for a full refund.  Payment is due at the time of delivery, but will be held in a separate account until the end of the 30 day trial period.   It is the purchaser's responsibility to notify Kiwi Kennels of their final decision.  Delivery costs are not included in the sale.  It is the purchaser's responsibility to make transportation arrangements.  We try to help as much as we can.

       Puppies - Our pups come with training assistance in any way we can provide it!  You are not just getting a healthy puppy with natural ability and a great temperament, you are also getting help with its training. 

     All puppies will have all current vaccinations appropriate for their age and will be vet checked at the time of sale.  Our pups are wormed regularly beginning at 2 weeks and will be given Frontline Plus just prior to sale.  Pups are guaranteed to be showing working interest by 12 months of age.  If no work interest is showing at 12 months of age we will replace the pup,  providing it has been cared for appropriately.    

     Pups are sold at 7 weeks of age for $600 USD.  We require bank checks in US dollars for those who live outside the US.  The price of the pup does not include delivery or any fees associated with transportation or import/export of the pup.  We do our best to minimize these costs whenever possible.


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