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Dog trialing is a popular pastime in New Zealand.  There are different courses for Heading dogs and the Huntaways.  Here are some photos of Jeremy giving it a go with Smoke.  There are also some USA Cattle dog trial photos at the bottom from July 2007.

Heading Dog Trials in New Zealand



Coming up to the first obstacle-the bridge Smoke on the run Guiding the sheep into the T
Waiting at the U Entering the maltese cross A look at the course


Field Trials

Jeremy and Smoke in New Zealand


New Zealand Dog Trial


Heading Dog Trial

Short Head and Yard

Jeremy & Smoke on the Long Head- Smoke -Short head & yard Guiding the sheep to the pen

NZ Collie Dog Trial

New Zealand Collie Trial


Collie Field Trial in New Zealand


Coming to the pen Lining them up Closing the gate


Huntaway Trials

Here are some photos of Jeremy giving it a go with Joe in New Zealand.



New Zealand Huntaway Dog Trial


Sheep Pen for Huntaway Trial

Huntaway Trial in New Zealand

Huntaway Trial in NZ- Goal is to get sheep up the steep hill Sheep are let out at the bottom Look for Joe and his 3 sheep

Trial Course for Huntaway


Joe hunting the sheep up hill

Joe standing and barking to move the sheep.

Pen is at the left -markers for sheep's path are towards left of pen going up hill Believe it or not Joe and his sheep are there!  Joe moving the sheep up the course with his bark.


Trials in the USA

Jeremy, Smoke & Joe at Cattle Trials


NZ Huntaway at USA Dog Trial


New Zealand Huntaway at USA trial

Cattle Trial with Huntaway

Joe's first Cattle trial in the USA Joe keeping them on track Joe's letting them know who's boss

Joe is not letting it by!


USA Cattle Trial

Cattle Dog Trial with Huntaway

Making sure the cattle go through the obstacle Jeremy & Joe working together  Joe taking off the pressure as they go into the pen



NZ Heading dog in USA Dog Trial


Cattle Dog Trial

New Zealand Collie at Dog Trial

Jeremy & Smoke getting ready Smoke showing who's boss Smoke keeping them moving

NZ Collie at USA Cattle Dog Trial


Cattle Dog Trial USA

Cattle Dog Trial Obstacle

Smoke showing some style Taking off the pressure  The cattle are in the pen



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