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Huntaway Pedigrees

     Joe is from a long line of top working Huntaway's with national trial honors on both sides of his pedigree.  Joe's strengths are his deep meaningful bark, his stock handling ability and his ability to assert dominance and control over large numbers of animals.  Joe has huge distance and will work as nice right beside you as he will at longer distances.   Joe has a real easy way about him and is always keen to learn and willing to please, making him a treat to train and work.  We acquired Joe as a pup in New Zealand and have worked and trained him ever since.  When he is not working you will find him asleep at your feet or on your doorstep relaxing until he is asked to go back to work.  Joe is a proven breeder.   He has been X-rayed using the PENN Hip method and is rated above average (in the top 70th percentile).


J Morrison    

Born:  9/25 /2002



M Lowry

BEN #15024

D White

TOUGH #13413

RJ O'Neale

SKY #12907

D White


W Faulkner

NESS #15828

K W Whittaker

DAWN II #16175

W Faulkner

JILL #18789

M Lowry

TAZ #17177

T Manson

BURL #15322

R S Stevenson


R S Stevenson


J Turner


C Bayliss




     Allie is from the currently most popular bloodline in New Zealand, with her father and grandfather producing many of the finalists and winners of  New Zealand Huntaway dog trials of recent times.  She is an easy, quick  learner, loaded with natural ability, balance and has a good strong bark to which animals respond well.  Allie has a wanting to please attitude.  We purchased her from a New Zealand breeder to help ensure these attributes in our future litters.  She was tested using the PENN Hip X-ray and was found to be in the top 70th percentile. 


J Morrison    

Born:  2/26 /2005


MONK #17660

A D Robertson

PADDY #15816

A D Robertson

BURT #15054

J P M'Gill


J P M'Gill

ROSE #17954

S G Inkersell

PUNCH #15231

L J Taylor

TRIX #16673

W J Lott


M  Porter

SWAGGA #17662

D O Semmens

STRIKE #16326

K A Lamount


M Latham


M Porter


M Porter


B Albert


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