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These are photos of current and previous Huntaway litters.  We have current photos of litters for sale on our For Sale page of the website. 

 Please feel free to call or email us if you'd like to reserve a pup or would like to learn more about these wonderful working dogs.

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Huntaway puppies

New Zealand working dog

New Zealand Stock Dog

Joe and Allie Pups at 6 weeks Grace & Duke's littermate at 6 weeks Joe & Allie pup at 8 weeks -Her new home is in Oregon


New Zealand Working dog


Huntaway female pup

New Zealand Sheep & Cattle Dog

Brie - Grace & Rocky pup at 10 weeks Renn at 8 weeks out of Joe and Ally- Her home is now in New York Duke-born 7/1/05 out of Joe & Kym
Sold to a cattle rancher in Oregon


New Zealand Breeding Bitch


New Zealand Huntaway Breeding Bitch

New Zealand Working Dogs

Wink with a litter of Joe pups
Born 11/26/05 in New Zealand
Grace -one of our breeding bitches. Photo at 5 months.  Our pile of pups! Connie & Smoke's first litter with Grace/Rocky pups.

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Huntaway pups from Rocky and Grace.

Huntaway breeding sire                     Huntaway breeding bitch

                                                      Rocky -sire of pups                  Grace -dam of pups (December 2006)

Born 7/1/08

                                                                           4 females, 7 males

Top photos taken at 5 weeks.

Middle photos taken at 4 weeks.

Bottom ones taken at 2 weeks.

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He's gonna be tough.

Male Huntaway Puppy




What a nice pup.

New Zealand Huntaway-female pup



Gus is an easy going pup!

New Zealand Stock Dog

Bear- male Fern - female Gus - male


She has some spunk!

Huntaway puppy



Jazz lives up to her name.

Female Huntaway Puppy


Rea is very sweet.

Female Stock Dog

Jade - female Jazz - female Rea - female


Rogue is a go getter.

Stock Dog




Ruff has a lot of personality.

Male Huntaway Pup



He may look innocent, but...

New Zealand Working Dog

Rogue - male Ruff - male Rust - male


Quite a character!

New Zealand Huntaway



Well balanced pup!

New Zealand Stock Dog


Jade up close

Gus up close

Fern is on the run.


Snoopy - male Tiger - male  

Rocky & Grace's First Litter Born 10/18/06

Huntaway puppy

New Zealand Stock Dog

New Zealand Huntway pups

Cloe at 8 weeks out of Grace & Rocky Born 10/18/2006 Tui at 4 weeks - out of Grace & Rocky  Grace & Rocky pups at 5 weeks


Male Huntaway Puppies


Female Huntaway Puppy

Huntaway and Heading dog puppies

The twins- Grace & Rocky pups at 4 weeks - Born 10/18/2006 Tui at 10 weeks-female Red makes a tackle!


Huntaway Pups at rest


New Zealand Huntaways at play

New Zealand Herding Dog

The Huntaway pups taking a rest. Molly takes one down.  Harry at 10 weeks out of Grace and Rocky

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Huntaway Puppy


New Zealand Huntaway Puppy


New Zealand Stock Dogs

Harry at 10 weeks Harry-9 months  Tui & Harry (on right)


Huntaway pups from Joe and Lace (born 2/11/07)


New Zealand Huntaway    New Zealand Working Dog

                                                             Lace -dam of pups              Joe - sire of pups

As you can tell from looking at photos of previous litters, the face markings of these pups can change quite a bit.  Some of these pups will have more tan around their eyes and on their nose than they do now.  There are a few of them that will probably have the same markings as the dam.


New Zealand Huntaway puppy

New Zealand Sheep & Cattle Dog



New Zealand Herding Dog


Turk at 14 weeks - male Turk at 8 weeks Minnie at 14 weeks - female

New Zealand Huntway

New Zealand Huntaway pup


New Zealand Stock Dog


Bess at 14 weeks -female Bess at 8 weeks Minnie at 8 weeks -female


New Zealand Stock Dog


New Zealand Herding Dog

Huntaway puppies playing

Moose at 14 weeks Night at 14 weeks - female Night & Minnie playing


New Zealand Cattle Dog


New Zealand Herding Puppy

Huntaway puppy

Moose at 8 weeks Night  at 8 weeks - female  Tahi at 8 weeks


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