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New Zealand Huntaway

Real Dogs for Real Stockmen


Heading Dog Sire

Smoke- our Heading dog breeding sire

Benefits of Kiwi Kennels Dogs

     *Training help at no extra cost

     *Great stock handling ability

     *Easy to train, want to learn & love work

     *Strong pulling and driving power

     *Deep barking Huntaway dogs

     *Wonderful nature & temperament

     *Cheap labor

     *Excellent health & constitution

     *Top New Zealand Bloodlines

New Zealand Working Dog

Kate working in New Zealand - Alec Hughes' heading dog out of Kiwi Kennels' Smoke and Katie

New Zealand Sheep Dog

Kate in New Zealand


New Zealand Cattle Dog

Kate working a bull.



Do you need a working dog with heart, stamina and natural ability?

     Try something different!  The New Zealand Huntaway is very effective in various situations and is a wonderful companion.  They can cover vast areas of country using their noise to gather, drive and pull  livestock for you.

     If you are interested in a dog that works like a Border Collie, we also have the New Zealand Heading Dog which is very similar.   Whatever your needs, we have the perfect mate for you here at Kiwi Kennels.   

     When times are busy and you need some extra staff for gathering or moving cattle or other livestock, invest in a Kiwi Kennels Huntaway instead.  Our Huntaways and Heading Dogs (New Zealand Collie) will save you the stress of trying to find extra staff and at the end of the day , they are just after a friendly pat, a clean bowl of water and a good square meal.

Characteristics of the New Zealand Huntaway

     The Huntaway is a very intelligent herding dog that is not limited to one type of stock.  This versatile dog works all kinds of stock in various situations.  They are easily trained, hardworking and friendly. The Huntaway gets along well with other dogs as well as domestic pets.  Jeremy works his Huntaways with his Heading dogs as a team.   

New Zealand Huntaway (Stock dog)

New Zealand Huntaway at work.

     The Huntaway is a large dog (ranging from 55-80 pounds). They can be solid black, black and tan (with a bit of white), or brindle. Their coats can be smooth, rough, or grizzly.  When developing the breed the emphasis was on working ability and constitution which accounts for the wide variety of size, color and coat type.

New Zealand Stock Dogs

New Zealand Huntaway and Heading dog working together.

Characteristics of the New Zealand Collie

     The New Zealand Heading Dog comes in a range of colors including tri-colored, black & white, gray & white and sometimes even red or red & white.  The coat can be smooth or rough.  Ours are all smooth coated. Heading dogs are very energetic and their drive for work is endless.
     The NZ Heading Dog uses eye to work stock like the Border Collie.  They are able to quietly and gently work stock, but can put the pressure on stock when needed.  They are gentle dogs and are very loyal to their owners.  Heading dogs also work well with other dogs.
  In New Zealand they are worked along side the Huntaway.



Importing Our New Zealand Working Dogs

     We moved to California from New Zealand and decided to bring our working dogs with us.  Jeremy and his dogs are a team.  Our dogs are excellent working dogs and we are breeding from dogs we have personally raised, trained and worked.  Our dogs are working dogs first, but we also like to trial them once they are working well, just for a bit of fun!

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