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Photos of our Huntaways and Heading Dogs

Almost all of these photos were taken in New Zealand not long before we moved to California. 


New Zealand Heading Dog


New Zealand Heading Dog

Working Dog Team

Katie - 4/2005 - Mother of Connie & Luna Sport - Heading dog eyeing sheep He is standing in a dip. Our Heading Dogs on the ute in New Zealand - Luna, Blazer, Smoke, Sport and Connie


New Zealand Huntaway at work


Huntaway working cattle

Young Heading dog pup

Our Huntaway Joe - on the job,
keeping the cows moving 
Young Huntaway -Rocky - making
sure nothing is left behind
Boy at 5 months working in New Zealand - Pup out of Smoke 


New Zealand Huntaway working sheep


Huntaways taking a break

New Zealand Sheep Dog

Joe is hard at work. Rocky and Joe are enjoying a quick break. Joe is having a blast and getting the job done!



Heading dog breeding sire


New Zealand Huntaway grizzly coat

Black Huntaway

Smoke - grey & white heading dog Rocky-tan & black Huntaway, taken at 1 year old.  Molly-black Huntaway, 6 months


Huntaway team


Huntaway barking

Huntaway working cattle

Huntaways on the back of the ute -Breeze, Rocky, Joe & Molly Joe - barking on command Joe - keeping the cows in line 

New Zealand Heading Dog

New Zealand Huntaway breeding bitch

New Zealand Heading Dog

Smoke - 8/2004 Allie - black and tan Huntaway - photo taken at 10 months Sport - black & white Heading dog - SOLD - Currently working hard in Oregon



New Zealand Collie


Working Stock Dog

Herding Dog

Taz - born 10/24/06 Taz enjoying the sun Taz - photos taken Feb. 08


Male New Zealand Heading Dog


Tim and Bolt having fun!



SOLD    Bolt -male NZ Collie (Photo 11/08) Bolt - 16 months, Tim - 7 years! Bolt as a pup

New Zealand Collie



New Zealand Stock Dog



Herding Dog


SOLD   Kiwi - born 10/24/06 Kiwi watching the dogs play Kiwi at 9 weeks

Here are some photos of our Huntaway/Collie cross pups.


New Zealand Working Dog


New Zealand Stock Dog

4 week old puppy

Bugs at 4 weeks Katie at 4 weeks  Katie -looking for trouble


All tuckered out!


Huntaway/Collie Puppies

New Zealand Stock Dog at 4 weeks

Bugs is resting Ice, Katie and Doc - 6 weeks old   Ocho at 4 weeks


Herding dogs


Stock dog

Huntaway/Collie puppy

Tank and Ocho playing Bo - 4 weeks old Ty taking a nap - 4 wks

Huntaway/Collie puppy


6 week old puppy


Huntaway/Collie puppy at 6 weeks

Bugs at 6 weeks Ocho  at 6 weeks old Tank at 6 weeks


New Zealand Working Dog


Caught in the act!

Puppy playing in grass

Bo at 6 weeks old Doc at 6 weeks old.  Looking guilty because he just got caught chewing on something! Ty playing in the grass

Male NZ Huntaway/Collie cross Pup


Huntaway breeding sire                             New Zealand Collie

                                         Sire:  Rocky - Huntaway                         Dam:  Lizzie- NZ Collie

Handy Dogs - folks in New Zealand call them Handy Dogs because they come in very handy.  With the cross you get a working dog that has all the instincts of both breeds.  They have all the necessary herding instincts required.  The Handy dog has a lot less noise than a Huntaway.  They will outrun quietly and generally only use their noise when the stock are a bit sticky.  They will get-a-hold when required.  Their size is mostly inbetween the Huntaway and the Collie, about 60-70 lbs. 

(see photos below - click on any image to enlarge!)

He has loads of character!


New Zealand Huntaway/Collie pup


He has loads of personality!

Photo taken late August.  He has a lot of personality. Ice at 12 weeks. He knows sit and come and we are working on stay. Ice up close.  He continues to get more brown on his face.


Dog Pile!


He will be a versatile stock dog!


Huntaway/Collie puppy


Ice having some fun with the pups Ice -a profile shot  Ice taking a quick break



NZ Collie litter born 5/18/08

New Zealand Collie Puppy-Male Female Collie Puppy  Femal Heading Dog Puppy (NZ Collie)

Male pup Femal Collie pup taking a break Male Collie Pup Black & White Collie Pup


Jewel and Teddy are now working in Oregon as a team.

Jewel - female Border Collie    born 7-15-06           

Collie ready to work     Jewel bringing the sheep    Jewel at work

Teddy - male Border Collie    2 years old

Border Collie ready for work    Working the sheep    Collie walking up to the sheep    Border Collie herding sheep

New Zealand Huntaway

Harry has a new home in Wyoming working for a Kiwi !


    Huntaway puppy    Huntaway puppy

(from left to right)

Brie has a new home in California working sheep.  Sarge is on a cattle ranch and Daisy is also on a cattle ranch in Montana.


New Zealand Sheep & Cattle Dog  New Zealand Huntaway puppy  New Zealand Huntaway puppy  New Zealand Huntaway Puppy  New Zealand Stock Dog

Rocky/Grace Litter - One of these pups has a new home in eastern Oregon.  The other four went to Alberta, Canada to 4 different sheep and cattle ranchers!  

New Zeland Heading Dog

Blazer - 2 yr old finished dog

 Blazer is a black & white male Heading Dog out of Smoke and Katie (born in New Zealand).   He is very eager to please and has a strong drive to work.  He has a strong presence with stock.  He loves to learn anything new.  He has a great disposition and has been referred to as a true gentleman.  Blazer is an awesome dog with loads of personality.  We had to sell him to make room in our training schedule for some younger dogs.  He went to a nice home in Oregon and will be working a lot of sheep on a regular basis!


New Zealand Working Dog

Duke - born 7/1/05.  Photo taken 9/06.  Sold to a cattle rancher in Southwestern Oregon.

     Duke is a male Huntaway that weighs about 70 pounds out of Joe and Kym.  He was 15 months old at the time of sale.  His new owners are very pleased with his work and are enjoying having Duke on hand!

New Zealand Stock Dog

Brutus at 12 weeks - SOLD 12/30/06 at 5 months old! His new home is in eastern Oregon.

                                                 New Zealand Huntaway                            New Zealand Heading Dog       

                                             Buddy is also in Oregon.       Scotty - now working in Oregon


New Zealand Stock Dog   New Zealand Herding Dog   New Zealand Collie    New Zealand Heading dog pups   New Zealand Working Dog

These Heading dog pups out of Smoke and Connie have been sold to sheep & cattle ranchers in Oregon and California.

American Border Collie               American Border Collie

Born June 2006

Holly is a registered red & white American Border Collie.  She has a new home in California working sheep.




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