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     Testimonials from Americans who have discovered the Huntaway

November 2, 2006


     I have been in New Zealand for three weeks and am completely puzzled why you would ever leave it! It is a great place. You were right, the Huntaway is an incredible dog. I decided against a heading dog the first week I was here, then got hooked up with a great Huntaway bitch that is 14 months old about a week ago. According to everyone that has been around her she is bred incredibly well and I have seen her improving everyday around the stock. They are incredible and extremely versatile. She is heading a lot. Anyways, I have her for a 30 day trial, I will be surprised if I decide not to keep her. I'll keep ya updated. I hope everything is going well for you.

Shane S.



November 10, 2006


      These dogs are incredible. I know little about dogs but can already tell I will not regret my Huntaway (Bess). The dog guru's around here are all impressed with her amount of go and bark, she has proven to be effective in getting sheep and cattle to move, I hope to try her on deer once she knows her sides completely. She is heading sheep very well, so I don't regret not getting a heading dog. But she has incredible heart and discipline, so I don't think things will come real hard for her. I am hoping I can make it to see your Huntaways once I get back home. I think I am going to need to get my dog bred or get another huntaway once I get home in case something happens to Bess, cause I can't imagine working without her now, or I can't imagine how well things would go with 2 Huntaways.
Keep in touch!

Shane S.


November 11, 2006

     Just writing this to thank you for the interesting demo yesterday!  I had heard of Huntaways but had never got the chance to see them in action.  What a great show, I was impressed by the totally different temperament and working styles compared to our Border Collies.  I can visualize how this type of worker could be an impressive asset in our brushy hill country here on the coast where the only sign you see of the livestock is the steaming manure and you have jungle all around you.  A nose and a bark are highly valuable.  The lab-like nature is attractive after dealing with hyper border collies most of my life, not that I don't love them, but what a refreshing personality these big dogs have!


Jean Marie M.


Testimonials from New Zealand

     I am a professional shepherd who makes a living from his team of stock dogs and also enjoys some dog trialing in my spare time.  I have a two year old dog bred by Jeremy in my team of six.  I got her at eight weeks old. She has been very easy to train as she has loads of natural ability and thinks for herself.  Kate has natural balance and stockmanship, and when out in the paddock is always looking to gather any missed stock.  Even on the longest, hardest day she is always there ready for another run, the quality most desired and respected in a working dog.  She is very friendly and gets on well with other dogs.  Kate is now my main heading dog and works three or three thousand ewes equally well as well as mobs of up to four hundred plus hill country angus cows.  I have no hesitation in recommending Jeremy and Pam's working dogs, as I know his and his dogs abilities well having worked with him.

     Alec Hughes, New Zealand





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